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Event security

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When you’re running an event – whether it’s an open air concert, a farmers market or a gin festival – you need to be sure that you can concentrate on the client experience, rather than having to worry about the safety and security of your event.

Whether it’s chaotic and dangerous car parking areas and out of control crowds, through to unruly guests, fights or unwanted items being smuggled in – when things go wrong they can have serious consequences for both the safety of your guests and your business’s reputation.

At Cobac, we offer specialised security to keep your event running smoothly. Our provision starts with a thorough assessment of your needs, looking at risk and emergency planning to predict any potential threats or dangers. We then provide a highly trained, SIA-approved security team, including a dedicated manager- who will all be fully briefed on your event and location; alongside any supporting technology solutions required. Our team are experienced with spotting and dealing with a wide range of incidents - keeping your guests safe and enabling them to relax and have a great time!

Cobac provide security for a range of events, including festivals, corporate events, parties, sporting events, weddings, charity fundraisers and more.

Get in touch to discuss your needs and we can put together a bespoke plan to make your event one to remember – for all the right reasons.


We’re an SIA-approved contractor experienced with providing security for events, as well as businesses in a variety of sectors across the UK. Whatever the setting for your event, we’ve likely worked in a very similar location before and can offer expertise and insight to protect your guests and ensure your event goes without a hitch.

Our security teams are put together with individually selected officers, based on the presence and personality needed for your event. Whether you’re looking for someone confident dealing with large, bustling crowds; a friendly and welcoming door supervisor – or both – we’ll hand pick the best officers for the job and provide them with the training they need to understand your business and location.

To find out more about how we can help your event run smoothly, call our team on +44 (0)1332 948320

Here’s a few ways we’re able to help:


Truly effective event security begins with a clear plan of the risks and requirements on the day. Our management team bring extensive experience of providing security and consultancy for both indoor and outdoor locations – so wherever your event is based, we’ll have the understanding needed to spot and plan for potential risks.

Before your event takes place, a member of our management team will assess the risks of the venue, from which we can develop a plan for an effective security provision to meet your needs. We’re also able to provide or collaborate with emergency planning, including creating an evacuation plan to get everyone out of the venue or off-site quickly and safely should the need arise.

With everything in place, we’ll put together an experienced security team with the infrastructure and support to provide a high impact service to you and your guests on the day.


Our highly trained, SIA-approved security officers have a wealth of experience in keeping the access to an event organised and working well. There’s nothing worse than people being held up in unmanaged and under controlled queues, which often causes antisocial behaviour that can escalate. Cobac’s officers can provide car-park management to ensure a safe and organised first (and last) impression of your event. For larger events, mobile patrols, strategically placed officers, and CCTV can be used to monitor and manage crowds – keeping guests moving safely around the site and preventing the dangers of overcrowded areas.

Experienced uniformed officers provide a visual deterrent against crime and anti-social behaviour taking place. Watching for risks such as excessive alcohol consumption and escalating altercations, our security teams will swiftly deal with any incidents to keep everyone safe and ensure your guests are able to fully enjoy the event.


Whether it’s gate crashers or unwanted items being smuggled in, our front of house security team can protect your event from those looking to cause trouble. Officers at the entry points to the event will ensure that only those on the guest list can gain access to the premises. Bag searches can also be provided on the door to prevent unwanted items being bought into your event – whether that’s outside supplies of alcohol, drugs, hidden weapons or other dangerous or prohibited items.


Cloakrooms, bag storage points and even car parks can easily become a target for theft and vandalism. Cobac’s security officers provide surveillance of more high-risk areas like these, alongside regular patrols to ensure a strong visual disincentive against crime taking place. Our teams are experienced with spotting the signs of a crime about to happen and will deal swiftly and professionally with any incidents.


Having an experienced security team on-site vastly reduces the reaction time to any incidents that may occur. At Cobac, we’ve invested heavily in training our officers to deal with any situations they may be faced with. Whether it’s calming down a fight that’s beginning to brew, protecting against theft, removing troublemakers from the site – or even safely evacuating everyone in an emergency – our teams can quickly and smoothly deal with a situation to reduce disruption and keep everyone safe.

With a strong infrastructure in place, live incident reporting and support from our 24-7 control room, the team on the ground are well equipped to deal effectively with any situations that may take place and escalate these if necessary.


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