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A new vision

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Results-driven security, the Cobac way...

We believe that exceptional security comes from investing in the front line. At the heart of Cobac Security has been the vision to do things differently: providing high-quality training, in-depth support and the latest technology to our staff on the ground - enabling them to provide expert, targeted support for your business.

At Cobac, we know that effective security for your business isn’t just about the numbers.

  • It’s about having a long-term, reliable team who intrinsically understand your business and their role in it, leading to a long-term relationship where they become a real asset to your brand.
  • It’s about the right security officers being specially selected and trained for your location and business - creating a seamless integration into your premises and brand identity.
  • It’s about our front line staff having access to technology which automates repetitive tasks – leaving them free to be alert to what’s going on in your premises and providing your business with prompt incident reporting and insightful risk modelling based on your real-life data.
  • It’s the flexibility to adapt to your business’s needs, whether you’re looking to protect a single location or work with clustered resourcing to respond to locations at higher risk.

We work hard to recruit, train and retain the very best security personnel - developing a motivated and experienced team. Our holistic approach to security, combined with decades of experience, maximises the value and results we can bring to your business.


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Our people

Our team of highly trained, SIA-approved security officers deliver on-the-ground expertise and support to businesses across the UK. We invest heavily in training, support, and professional development to ensure our team are equipped to deliver an effective service.

Our officers are often the first point of contact for your colleagues, customers and clients and are thoroughly trained on your business location and brand values in order to provide a positive and consistent representation of your business.

Security you can trust

At Cobac Security, we hold SIA Approved Contractor Status for the provision of Manned Guarding Services.

We are proud to have demonstrated year-on-year improvement and have more than doubled our Approved Contractor Scheme score following our most recent assessment, receiving excellent feedback from our external auditors.

Our senior leadership team

Founded in 2017, Cobac brings together a senior management team with a broad range of experience in the industry. A desire to do things differently - developing strong channels of support and investment to the company’s front-line – has led to a business with values of exceptional quality, sustainable infrastructure and use of the latest technology to continue to drive innovation, effectiveness and efficiency.
Bryn Taylor Director
Bryn Taylor: Director

Bryn focuses on ensuring Cobac is operated in a sustainable, efficient and scalable way in order to deliver the best service possible to clients.

He co-founded Cobac in 2017 with the strong belief that a rounded, diligent and open approach would allow security guarding to be delivered with much higher impact. Bringing previous experience from both the retail and security sectors, Bryn spent five years as the COO of a Top 30 security provider before co-founding Cobac.

"We genuinely believed that if security guarding companies stopped rationalising their poor service with excuses and focussed on an intelligent, selective and fair approach to business, a great company could be created and sustained - one which staff, clients and suppliers are proud to be a part of. That’s why we founded Cobac!"

Diane Johnson Managing Director
Diane Johnson: Managing Director

Diane uses her extensive experience, passion and care to provide an excellent service to Cobac’s clients, staff and suppliers.

With over 30 years’ experience in the security industry, she co-founded Cobac with the desire to develop a value-driven security company. Diane’s previous work includes national loss prevention roles with CWS (Co-op), Boots and Comet and later as a Managing Director in the manned guarding industry.

"The founding of Cobac was a dream come true for me! It was the next step in a long history in the industry and one I enjoy on a daily basis. To be able to work with great clients with the same ethos of care, professionalism, trust and honesty is a breath of fresh air in an ever challenging environment."

Phil Wright Director
Phil Wright: Director

Phil overlays technology integration and manned guarding solutions to ensure Cobac’s provision is greater than the sum of its parts.

He merges typical physical security measures with bespoke electronic solutions to provide an integrated, highly effective service to our clients. Phil joined Cobac in 2017, sharing the vision that a much higher quality of security services could be provided with the right infrastructure and people in place. He has worked in the security industry for over a decade and brings expertise from a range of roles including Head of Operations and Systems Director.

"I joined Cobac to do things differently, and to move away from the industry shift. We prioritise our provision on quality over quantity, supplementing great people with the latest technologies to optimise their roles and Cobac’s provision. We have the solutions and systems to protect businesses with great people and the latest technology, with full visibility to risk through data analytics.”

Our Services

Founded on diverse management experience, Cobac has been designed to bring the very best security services to organisations across the UK, with a focus on delivering real value to businesses like yours.

Cobac provides flexible security personnel services, technology solutions and consultancy for businesses across the UK. We have an amazing team, experienced in protecting businesses in a wide variety of sectors including retail, logistics, hospitality, events and property management.

If you’re looking for highly effective security solutions, get in touch to discuss how Cobac Security can help protect your business. Call +44 (0)1332 948320 to speak to an experienced member of our team.


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