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Providing a safe experience

for your guests

When guests visit your venue, you want them to feel safe and able to enjoy the time they spend with your business.

Whether they’re with you for a weekend, a day trip or an evening out, there are a range of risks that can ruin their experience – from injuries, through to out of control crowds or even organised crime.

Hospitality security requires a delicate balance – providing a discrete presence so guests can enjoy their time undisturbed, whilst also ensuring security teams are aware of risks, alert and quick to respond to any dangers or situations.


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At Cobac, we provide highly experienced security officers to hospitality venues across the UK. Our security teams are thoroughly trained not only on the specific risks of your venue, but also your brand values and customer service. Cobac’s officers provide an engaging presence, working as part of your team to deliver the experience you require for your guests.

Alongside covering standard requirements, we’re also able to provide ad-hoc cover when there’s additional demand – whether that’s covering concierge holiday leave or increasing the level of security for a special event.

Looking for expert security for your hospitality business? Get in touch with Cobac to find out how we can help.

Hotel security

With an open door and a warm welcome, the hotel environment is a home away from home – somewhere for your guests to feel relaxed, safe and secure.

Often, operating a 24-hour reception can leave staff dealing with more than simply checking clients in. To ensure repeat custom and a great customer experience, your reception staff and concierge need to be able to concentrate on providing the one to one attention required for a great service.

At Cobac, our officers are trained to be the low key, warm and inviting face of your hotel. They’re experienced with spotting issues early – prior to them becoming a problem for your staff and residents. Our security teams are chosen specifically to match the requirements of your venue and understand the need for discretion. All our officers working in your venue will be comprehensively briefed on your business and brand values, ensuring they can work seamlessly as part of the experience you provide for your customers and guests.


hotel entrance and reception space concierge service

Strategic presence in reception

Security in reception should blend in with the environment as a discrete presence - capable of observing the area and reacting quickly to any potential threats. The risks in the hotel industry are unique, and our bespoke training enables officers to know exactly what to look out for. Risks can vary from common issues such as theft, pick pockets and anti-social behaviour, through to serious organised crime including people trafficking, prostitution, drug dealing, terrorism and fraud.

Safeguarding can be a particular risk in hotels – where criminals can try to take advantage of the increased anonymity of the setting. Our team are fully aware of safeguarding risks and signs to watch out for. As part of every officer’s training, they understand their responsibility for the implementation of your Safeguarding Policy, Code of Conduct and Reporting Procedure on trafficking or suspected abuse of children and adults.

Cobac’s officers are trained to be aware of all the possible threats that can occur, and the agencies they need to advise if any of the above are suspected in your premises. This helps to ensure that your duty of care to your staff and residents is protected.

A stay at your hotel is a special experience – and we help to keep it that way.

Visitor attractions

At Cobac, we understand the need to make every moment your visitors spend at your attraction memorable – whilst keeping people and your property safe.

Designated paths and routes around your site can present diverse risks – whether that’s from livestock or farm animals, machinery or damage to assets such as works of art. Children, with their adventurous nature, can often be at an increased risk if they gain unsupervised access to certain areas of your site – whilst hidden dangers can be a threat to visitors of all ages.

Damage to your equipment, buildings or assets by vandalism and theft can also cost your business heavily – not only in financial terms, but also in reputational damage.

Our officers are trained in monitoring CCTV and undertaking patrols to keep your site safe. With a security solution from Cobac, every eventuality will be planned for and our specialised, highly-trained team of officers will be prepared to react swiftly and effectively, whatever the situation.


friendly and customer service focussed security officer to provide approachable security

Entertainment complexes

We provide security solutions for a range of entertainment complexes, such as bowling alleys, restaurants and cinemas. To manage the daily security risks presented in your venue, our experienced door supervisors provide an effective solution. They’re customer service trained, and understand that they’re the face of your brand and part of your team – there to ensure your visitors enjoy a safe environment.

Ad-hoc support

Is there a new film coming out? Are you expecting bigger queues and crowds than normal? Or maybe you have a special visitor to protect?

Cinema events that draw a large crowd – such as the latest Pokemon or Disney character signing autographs and taking photos – can quickly get out of hand without experienced support. At Cobac, we can provide an engaging officer to make your showing a red-carpet event – keeping it safe and organised and ensuring it’s truly a special experience for everyone attending.

Bowling alleys have now become a popular location for corporate events, stag dos and hen parties -bringing additional security issues linked to alcohol consumption. The potential disruption to other guests - such as with a failure to use equipment as required - can negatively affect other’s enjoyment of your venue. Having a strategically placed professional officer ready to intervene and manage these situations is invaluable, as it’s often very intimidating for your employees to address these situations – risking incidents quickly getting out of hand.


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Why choose Cobac:

At Cobac Security, our focus is on providing the highest quality security services to our clients. We take a personal approach – developing in-depth assessments of businesses and location risks which, when coupled with client requirements, form the basis of the provision we provide.

We know that effective security only happens when the team is properly matched to the environment and business they’re working within. We get to know your location and hand pick the best security officers for the job, ensuring the presence and personality to not only provide exceptional security but to fit in with your business values, atmosphere and customer service too.

To discuss how we can help keep your hotel premises safe, call our team on +44 (0)1332 948320

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Experienced support and a visible deterrent to crime to protect your staff, customers, assets and premises.

Proactive, reliable security for warehouses, distribution centres and logistics companies.

Friendly and professional officers to quickly respond to incidents and keep your guests and venue safe.

Keep your event running smoothly with expert support from the Cobac Security team.

Professional concierge services and robust protection for empty properties and lone workers.

Fairly priced ad-hoc and emergency support - in less than 2 hours.


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