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Ad-hoc & Emergency


Need an emergency response?

Cobac provide emergency security cover to businesses across the UK – with a response time of less than 2 hours to most locations. We’re an ACS approved contractor with a UK-wide infrastructure of experienced security officers screened to BS7858:2019. Our teams are backed up by 24-7 phone support from our control room, managed around the clock by our expert team.

We’re set up for a quick and thorough response to urgent situations – with all the information and documentation you need ready to be sent over electronically at a moment’s notice. What’s more, we believe in charging a fair price for cover needed at short notice – so you won’t be stung by an unnecessarily high premium when you’re facing an emergency situation.


For urgent support, call our support team on +44 (0)1332 948320.


Flexible security cover to fit your business

The security needs of a business are rarely static. Whether you need to cover staff absence due to holiday or sickness, an emergency situation or seasonal busy periods – effective security matches the changing needs of your business.

Here at Cobac, our infrastructure is designed to match fluctuating demand – ensuring your business has access to robust security all year round – no matter what’s thrown at you.

We’re an ACS-approved contractor reimagining how security works in the UK. Central to our service is the understanding that exceptional security is based on every member of the team being the best fit for the job.


cobac experienced security officer

We have a national infrastructure of highly trained, experienced security officers across the UK, who have all been selected for their strong presence and positive approach. Alongside this, we work with a small number of like-minded ACS partners to offer additional capacity and flexibility when needed.

For every client, we select the best security staff for the job – looking for those who have the skills and experience for a particular role. Our ad-hoc and emergency provision is no different, and we’ll select officers to fit your business needs – ensuring dependable and effective security – whether that’s one officer or a whole team.

All Cobac security officers are screened to BS7858:2019. We’ve built our business on a state-the-art, digital focussed model – meaning all essential information and documentation you need is ready to be instantly sent, allowing our teams – and your business – to get on with the job at hand.

Get in touch to discuss your business needs.

Our pricing promise to you:

We know how vital it is to access fairly priced, reliable and effective ad-hoc and emergency security. At Cobac, we don’t believe in charging over the odds, just because there’s an urgent need for security. We operate with an open pricing structure, charging a fair price based on what the coverage actually costs us to provide.


Call now to speak to a member of our expert support team – +44 (0)1332 948320


We offer flexible security solutions for businesses, with experience across a wide range of sectors. Below are some examples of how we can provide ad-hoc and emergency security cover; please contact us to discuss how we can best help your business.


closed shops needing security

Supporting your in-house teams

Cobac provide experienced, fully-trained officers who work alongside your in-house team to meet your security requirements – whether you need to cover staff holiday or sickness, temporary peaks in demand or licensing requirements.

Our security officers are individually selected to have the skills and personality needed for each role. Every Cobac officer working within your business will receive in-depth training on your location, business needs and brand – ensuring they fit in to provide seamless coverage for your customers, guests and colleagues.

We’re experienced in working with businesses from a wide variety of sectors throughout the UK. Whatever your current staff model, we have the expertise to understand how to work alongside it – ensuring there is always a trained resource to fill any gaps you need.

At Cobac, we aim to build long-term relationships with clients, which allows us to continue delivering a smooth integration with in-house teams. Our extremely high retention rate demonstrates the value and high quality of service we deliver to our clients.

Quick response to incidents

We’re able to provide a quick response to incidents across the UK, with a response time of less than two hours in the majority of locations. Our control room is monitored 24-7 by experienced staff who are available for ongoing phone support during the incident.

Cobac’s digital infrastructure allows for quick access to the information needed – including officer identification documents (sent electronically before commencement); the ability to send, read & sign instructions in real time; and electronic incident reporting as standard. Staff are kept safe throughout with automatic calls to check their welfare and the use of geo-location software – which also allows us to track how the site is being covered by security teams throughout the incident.

As with all our projects, we select the best officers for the job – looking for those with the presence to provide reassurance for your staff on arrival, and the skills to swiftly and effectively deal with the incident. Our team are always backed up by our expert control room team, who are on-hand 24 hours a day to provide additional support.

building refurbishment needing security


Providing seasonal coverage

With a UK wide infrastructure of SIA-approved security officers, we’ve developed the Cobac service to deal with changing demand throughout the year, with our modelling providing the ability to uplift during busy periods.

Our security teams are here to help you successfully manage seasonal fluctuations – covering events such as Black Friday, the festive period and holidays like Easter and Halloween – alongside business-specific events such as sales, promotions or summer events.

We’ve worked extensively in the retail, logistics and hospitality sectors and have a strong existing team of officers already highly trained in working in these types of settings – ready to quickly adapt and bring their expertise to support your business.

As with all Cobac contracts, you’ll have a dedicated member of our management team as your point of contact. They’ll ensure the correct security team for the job is put in place, and provide ongoing training and support to ensure we deliver value and a high quality service for the duration of your contract.


closed building site security at entrance

Protecting closed sites and refits

When sites are closed through administration, maintenance, refurbishment or a property sale, the security requirements change.

At Cobac, we’re able to provide experienced security teams to protect the property – including any equipment and machinery on site – from risks including trespass, vandalism and break-ins. We can offer access and egress control to monitor and manage movements on and off your site.

We’ll begin with a pre-commencement assessment and familiarisation of your site, allowing us to analyse potential risks and devise a security provision to keep your property, equipment and staff safe. Following this, a thorough officer induction ensures our security teams understand the nuances of your site and what will be required of them in the role.

Throughout the project, your main point of contact will be an experienced member of our management team – able to analyse risk and deliver additional ongoing support and value to both your location and the security team on site. Our field teams conduct site security checks, welfare visits and major incident responses, whilst our security teams are constantly backed up with 24-7 phone support from our control room.

Across a programme of planned works, we’ll ensure the continuity of officers and management support – delivering an efficient and high quality service.

Cobac’s digital infrastructure keeps staff on site safe and assists with the protection of the property. Our software solutions include geo-verified locations of officers as well as lone worker alerts and automated check calls. We provide electronic reporting as standard and can set up reporting and alert systems to suit your project, in addition to live access to reports.


Call our expert support team to discuss how we can help your business on +44 (0)1332 948320

Sectors we work in

Experienced support and a visible deterrent to crime to protect your staff, customers, assets and premises.

Proactive, reliable security for warehouses, distribution centres and logistics companies.

Friendly and professional officers to quickly respond to incidents and keep your guests and venue safe.

Keep your event running smoothly with expert support from the Cobac Security team.

Professional concierge services and robust protection for empty properties and lone workers.

Fairly priced ad-hoc and emergency support - in less than 2 hours.


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