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As part of a well-designed system, technology solutions can play an important role in a larger security provision – reducing loss, increasing efficiency and providing valuable data into your business.

At Cobac, we provide a range of security technology to help protect your business – whether it be a single solution, or our expertise in analysing your business’s risk and designing a full-service security provision to meet your requirements.

Our team have extensive experience working across a diverse range of settings, sectors and businesses, and can develop, design and install a high-quality technology infrastructure to suit your business’s needs – providing robust, long-term support.

We have solutions to meet a wide range of needs, whether you’re looking for remote monitoring; automated access control or to be quickly alerted to unauthorised access on site.

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Casting a digital eye, keeping your sites and your staff safe.

CCTV cameras are widely recognised and can provide a visual deterrent to crime in their own right. The CCTV systems we utilise can be used to remotely monitor multiple areas of a site – particularly helpful in very large or multi-site settings, or in areas of particular risk or low traffic - which may be more challenging or expensive to constantly monitor with mobile patrols.

We have systems suitable for all sizes of premises and budgets, many of which we install with the capacity for expansion for the future, giving you 24/7 visibility of your business.

Alongside this, CCTV footage can provide vital evidence as part of investigations and prosecutions – protecting your business against false insurance claims and bringing those who’ve committed crimes such as theft and vandalism to justice.

At Cobac, we provide a range of high-quality CCTV solutions to meet your needs – including internal, external, covert and low light cameras, which can run on a server or cloud-based system, depending on your requirements.


Intercoms and access control systems used at the entrance to your site are an effective measure to prevent unwanted access – without the need for a member of staff to manually supervise every entry or exit from the building.

Widely used in a range of settings including commercial and residential premises, education and healthcare sites, these systems quickly allow access to authorised persons and allow you to screen visitors before they gain access to your buildings or site.

Cobac Security offer a range of access control solutions – including:

  • Keypad entry
  • Turnstiles
  • Biometric identification (such as fingerprint identification)
  • Swipe card or proximity/contactless entry


We supply a range of intruder alarms to help deter crime and unwanted access to your business – and alert you quickly if unauthorised access takes place. Whether you’re looking for a standalone alarm, or a multi-site system fed back to a receiving centre, Cobac are able to design and install a robust and effective system to help protect your business.

Used alongside other systems such as CCTV and access control, intruder alarms are an valuable way to safeguard against theft, crime and unauthorised access.

For more information about our technology solutions, get in touch via our contact form or call our expert team on +44 (0)1332 948320.

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