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Cobac are a national supplier of security services including security personnel, technology solutions and consultancy.

Founded on diverse management experience, Cobac has been designed to bring the very best security services to organisations across the UK, with a focus on delivering real value to businesses like yours.

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When correctly deployed, security officers can be an incredibly effective way of protecting your


Protecting your colleagues, customers and assets from threats and harm is a vital part of any bus


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Building on decades of experience in the security industry, we’ve created Cobac Security from the ground up to reflect the expertise and knowledge of our senior leadership team – developing a best-practice company with the right structure, staff and processes from day one. Inherent in this was the desire to ‘do security better’ – growing a motivated, highly trained and professional workforce who would be able to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Our use of software within security provisions is among the best in the industry. We provide clients with insightful data allowing for a real understanding of how their business functions when they can’t be there in person. This leads to positive improvements in processes and working practice, improving the security, safety and success of their businesses.

At Cobac, we’re proud to offer a personal approach. Having to work with numerous contacts from your security provider only creates frustration, confusion and an ineffective service. Our structure means that you’ll have one main contact who’ll have the expertise to support you across all of your security needs.

Every business is different, and so the service we provide is chosen to fit the exact and unique needs of your business – whether that’s selecting the best security officers, choosing the most useful data feeds or recommending the most effective hardware solutions for you.