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Protecting your supply chain

from risks

Whether you are a logistics company, or operating in-house distribution warehouses, opportunistic and organised crime is always a very real risk.

Warehouses - holding vast quantities of valuable stock - are often a target due to their remote location, allowing theft and vandalism to potentially go undetected. Internal theft and collusion should never be underestimated, especially in a setting where you may have a high turnover of seasonal personnel having access to stock, without a proven track record or vetting.

The challenges of managing incoming and outgoing deliveries can also be a substantial security risk. Vital to the smooth running of the business, the movements of people, vehicles and stock need to be organised and monitored in order to reduce loss.

logistics centre lorries lined up for deliveries

With supply chains often running on tight margins and schedules, damage and vandalism not only have an immediate financial impact but can also cause delays and loss of service, negatively affecting the whole chain and your business’s reputation.

At Cobac, we’re extremely experienced working with national retailers and supply chain companies to provide highly effective security.

With an understanding gained from working across a wide range of sites, Cobac offers flexible security solutions to fit your business. We can offer a provision ranging from a single uniformed officer for smaller sites, through to a full security team with a clear and effective management infrastructure in place for larger or multi-site settings.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help protect your business from threats.

Here’s a few examples of how we can help:

Supervising access and stock movements

Distribution centres and warehouses are busy places, and with deliveries arriving and leaving there are often many points in the day when there’s an opportunity for crime to take place. Our security officers can monitor entries and exits to your site – including staff, visitors, vehicles and stock. Cobac’s security teams can carry out manifest and seal checking on incoming and outgoing stock and can offer traffic management to improve safety and reduce any delays or disruption to your service.

website security officer scanning NFC app for patrol and monitoring

Monitoring your site

Regular external patrols of your premises offer multiple benefits. The active presence of uniformed officers provides a strong visual disincentive to would-be thieves, giving a more effective deterrent and quicker incident response than CCTV monitoring alone.

Our officers are highly trained in spotting signs of an impending crime or additional risk factors putting your business at risk. Regular patrols will be used to monitor the site – including generator checks – looking for any signs of a threat from unauthorised entry, vandalism or damage. Any housekeeping issues raising the risk level at your location will be immediately remedied and reported as an incident to improve future security.

Internal defence against theft

Sadly, staff theft of items can cause significant financial losses to logistics and distribution companies. Regular internal patrols, coupled with spot-checks on vehicles, lockers, and personnel, can help to reduce the risk. These random checks are a strong deterrent, making it difficult for staff to remove items from the site. Stock would be recovered, contraband is confiscated and incidents will be reported to you live.

distribution centre staff working at a conveyor belt with parcels

Providing supporting technology solutions

We work with our clients to best utilise technology and data to our advantage. CCTV is a vital tool for monitoring the premises, as is our incident and reporting platform to escalate risks to stock (e.g. water damage or power failure) to your maintenance teams for immediate resolution.

We utilise and work with vehicle monitoring and tracking software, combined with robust manifest procedures to reduce in-transit theft. We can assist with stock charging analysis to understand where assets and loss are created within the supply chain, and support the use of the latest technology to identify and detect malicious activity.

On many of our sites, the security teams utilise body worn video (BWV) as a deterrent and evidence tool, allowing fluidity in operation for spot searches and confiscation of contraband.

24-7 coverage

We’re here to protect your business – any hour of the day, 365 days a year. There’s always an experienced member of our management team available, who is able to provide support to the on-the-ground team protecting your business and escalate a situation if necessary – any hour of the day or night.

distribution and logistics security officer monitoring a warehouse

Why choose Cobac?

At Cobac, we provide bespoke security services to meet the specific combination of requirements, risks and challenges unique to each business.

With diverse backgrounds and extensive experience across the security industry, our management team are able to offer in-depth insight into the specific risks and threats facing your business – as well as the most effective ways to combat these.

We’re an SIA-approved contractor and provide experienced security teams, selected to be the perfect match for your business.

Our teams are backed up with impactful management support, where we aim to provide additional value to our clients at every management visit.

To discuss a highly effective, custom designed security solution for your business, contact us on +44 (0)1332 948320 to speak to an experienced member of our team.

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Experienced support and a visible deterrent to crime to protect your staff, customers, assets and premises.

Proactive, reliable security for warehouses, distribution centres and logistics companies.

Friendly and professional officers to quickly respond to incidents and keep your guests and venue safe.

Keep your event running smoothly with expert support from the Cobac Security team.

Professional concierge services and robust protection for empty properties and lone workers.

Fairly priced ad-hoc and emergency support - in less than 2 hours.


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