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Effective retail security is no longer simply about loss prevention. Facing rising levels of violence against staff, cost-of-living-provoked crime, and tighter margins, retailers need a security solution to meet modern-day challenges.


That's where we come in. At Cobac, our extensive retail security experience comes into play providing intelligence and data-led security to put valuable resource where it makes the most impact. Our highly-capable retail officers are chosen for their suitability for a retail environment: combining professionalism and security experience with an approachable and confident demenour which provides a reassuring presence for customers and staff alike.


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Retail security services, the Cobac way...


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Why choose Cobac Security?


Here at Cobac, we have the expertise to create a security solution that's right for your business.


Our diverse senior leadership team are able to advise on all aspects of your retail security requirement. Looking to better understand your physical risks? Or find ways to improve your security's ROI? Our team are here to help.


We're an SIA-approved contractor providing experienced security teams to businesses all across the UK. We set out to do security differently - here's more about our approach.


For a bespoke security solution to fit your business's needs, get in touch with us today on +44 (0)1332 948320 or


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Value-driven management visits


Our security teams are supported by experienced Operations Managers who not only enhance the officers' work, but also add additional benefit on every store visit. The technology we deploy on our frontline ensures all data is captured and collected in real-time - leaving our management visits free for conversations with stakeholders, targeted training and more.


We aim for our retail officers to become your 'local expert' - liasing with local Business Improvement Districts, Business Crime Partnerships and centre teams to build a proactive presence. We also work alongside NBCS. These relationships help us to continually understand the bigger picture of the area in which your business is located and adapt our security services to fit.


Officers to suit your brand, whether you want a visible deterrent or discrete presence


Retail security should always work to enhance your brand and customer experience, and as part of this we work to provide retail security services that will add to your brand.


For many retailers, a visible security presence provides a strong deterrent to would-be thieves. We provide a variety of uniform options, so whether you're looking for a formal or smart-casual appearance, our teams will become a smart and professional addition to your brand.


In certain settings, a more discrete presence is required. Our plain-clothed retail store detectives are trained to seamlessly blend in on your shop floor, whilst subtly monitoring behaviour and any potential threats.


Whichever presence is better for your business, our officers are all highly trained to observe and recognise patterns of behaviour which could indicate a crime or incident is about to take place. The team will become the eyes and ears of your shop floor, shopping centre or retail park - ready to quickly step in and take action. If an incident does occur, our officers are trained to diffuse the situation effectively, whilst keeping unwanted attention and disruption to a minimum. This helps to protect your reputation and allows you to quickly return to 'business as usual'.


Our security officers can provide site-wide security coverage for any size of retail business - from small boutiques to supermarkets and retail parks. Security personnel coverage can include an immediate presence at the entrance to a shop, patrolling the shop floor, outdoor security, and mobile foot patrols throughout larger settings such as retail parks and shopping centres.



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A quick response to any incidents

Our security teams are trained to keep a cool head under pressure and calmly and effectively deal with any incidents or emergencies that may happen on your premises.

Whether it's an aggressive customer threatening staff or the premises needing to be evacuated - a team of highly trained security personnel on-site allows for an immediate response to keep your staff and customers safe.

Data-driven escalations and insights

Cobac combines the diverse experience of our management team with a data-driven approach in order to deliver the best possible results to our clients. We spend time at the beginning of each project getting to know your business location and analysing the potential risks. From there, we’ll develop an effective security solution to fit your needs and requirements.

Our intelligence-based approach, alongside our robust management systems, allows us to continually monitor and adjust our security provisions to adapt to what’s going on with your business. Our frontline technology includes features such as electronic incident reporting; geo-location of staff (including clocking on location); automated welfare checks and lone worker support. This supports us with monitoring permanent high-risk locations; balancing cluster support across several locations and swiftly highlighting any emergency cover requirements.

In a climate where every penny counts, our systems help us deliver real value to your business whilst keeping costs down. Cobac’s systems can be used to cover staff management, alongside the automation of tasks and reports – giving you an in-depth insight into the work we’re doing and clearly demonstrating the value delivered to your business. We have a range of apps, electronic forms, workforce management systems, reporting options and the ability to merge with external data. At the commencement of your contract, we’ll put in place the specific digital infrastructure and reporting you require – giving you access to the data you need, when you need it.


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Support and reassurance for your team

In a climate of increasing violence and threats against retail workers, it's important to us that your staff feel safe at work. Our officers provide a reassuring presence to staff in high-risk situations, such as lone worker staff or teams working in areas with rising crime. Cobac's experienced officers work to diffuse any unwanted situations, taking this pressure off your staff and allowing them to get on with their jobs.



What is retail security?


Retail security is the provision a retailer has made to protect their staff, customers, property and reputation. Often seen as a means of loss prevention, retail security also plays an important role in maintaining safety for customers and staff.


Retail security can be delivered through various methods including CCTV monitoring, electronic tagging, stock management methods, alarms and manned guarding.


Why is security important in retail?


Effective retail security helps to deter criminal activity and protects a business's customers, staff and property. Retail premises have long been a space where confrontations can happen, and the last few years have seen an escalation in threats and violence towards staff.


Cobac's retail security officers are thoroughly trained in spotting the early signs of a potential incident, and working to de-escalate these situations quickly and calmly wherever possible.


Retail security also plays a vital role in loss prevention. Retail crime in the UK costs businesses billions of pounds a year, and a holistic, effective retail security service can help to minimise these losses for a business.


Alongside these more well-known functions, retail security officers can be a first port of call for customers needing additional support, a reassuring presence for staff, a deterrent against other criminal activity such as trespass, and promote health and safety on a site.


What are retail security guards allowed to do?


Retail security officers aren't able to fulfil the same role as the police, however they are able to perform certain actions which help to protect a business and its people. If a crime is committed and there are reasonable grounds for suspicion, then retail security officers can perform a citizens arrest before waiting for the police to arrive. Whilst anyone is able to undertake a citizens arrest, security officers are fully trained in conflict management and physical intervention, should the incident escalate and require the use of safe restraint methods. This helps to reduce the risk of injury to either party.


Whilst UK security officers are allowed to perform these actions, the training and job role is generally focussed on diffusing situations before they reach this level. Officers are trained to spot the early signs of potential crimes or incidents taking place, and are experienced with de-escalation techniques that can help to prevent early-stage incidents from escalating into something more serious.


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