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Both residential and business properties can easily become vulnerable to crime, leaving staff, residents and guests feeling unsafe. The widespread lower occupancy levels of business premises during the COVID-19 pandemic are leaving organisations more vulnerable to crime such as burglaries, break-ins and threats to lone worker staff.

Cobac Security provide a range of bespoke services tailored to your property or residential community – aiming to provide reassurance, a quick response to potential incidents and to protect the property and those on site against crime. We can provide experienced security teams and effective technology solutions, alongside expert consultancy to make your property a safer space.


property management security services for empty buildings

Our SIA-approved security teams are highly trained and thoroughly briefed on your location and requirements. They understand the need for confidentiality around the comings and goings of your residents and guests, whilst at the same time ensuring a robust security provision to keep people and their belongings safe.

All of Cobac’s security officers receive regular management visits - designed to continually develop and improve the security at your location, provide continuous training to our teams and add further value to our clients.

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Keeping residential communities safe

Gated communities and private estates are often chosen by homeowners as they’re seen as safe and secure places to live. But with their air of exclusivity and often higher house prices, these areas are also an attractive target for criminals - ranging from opportunists through to those involved in serious organised crime gangs.

The risks can vary - from tradesmen and service personnel using the ‘secure estate’ perception to take advantage of residents, through to opportune theft and planned robberies, break-ins and burglaries.

At Cobac Security, we provide high level, experienced security teams who are able to deliver the support needed to keep your community safe. This could be low-key support with a covert security presence – designed to be effective and highly responsive to threats, without being intrusive to residents – through to high visibility officers providing a strong disincentive to potential criminals.


gated community security access control solution at the main gate

Professional Concierge services

As a common ‘welcome’ point to your business, your reception desk has a big impact on how your business is viewed by both clients and the general public. As well as being an important part of your brand identity, the inclusion of experienced security officers in your concierge service offers additional support and reassurance to your employees - who are constantly aware of the threat and risk level currently in the UK.

Whether you’re based in a London office block, a Manchester venue or student accommodation in Brighton, Cobac security have skilled officers available to fulfil your bespoke security requirements.

For each contract, we individually select the officers who have the right combination of experience, presence and personality to suit the role. Each officer is thoroughly trained on your venue and brand values to ensure they deliver the customer experience you expect from all of your staff. This is backed up with a range of uniform options to create the first impression you require – whether that’s a traditional uniform or a more formal suit.

Cobac’s security teams can fulfil your search requirements - such as bag searches in high risk areas – as well as controlling visitor management systems. Officers are also able to carry out your COVID-19 protocols, such as temperature checks on arrival and the enforcement of safe distancing requirements. We are constantly updating our teams with the latest government advice and legislation so that they are confident and competent to meet these requirements in your venue.


empty site property management and security solutions

Protecting empty properties

Empty properties can quickly become a magnet for vandalism, break-ins and illegal occupancy – and the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened this risk for businesses. Working from home has become common-place – leaving many buildings – containing valuable IT and critical busines equipment – running at low occupancy levels and much more vulnerable to crime.

Having a trained security officer on site - ready to response immediately to any activity on the premises - is an incredibly effective way of reducing and preventing damage and loss to crime.

Cobac Security are able to supply your business with a dedicated officers on site – providing 24-7 security coverage to protect your business. This often works out more cost effective than using mobile patrols – which are reactionary and may not even be in the vicinity when a crime takes place. Our experienced security officers are able to respond immediately at the first signs of an activity taking place on your premises, with the aim to prevent any damage caused by burglaries or crime.


security for lone workers

Lone worker and lockdown support

In today’s environment of international business, many organisations require employees to be onsite throughout the night, in order to maintain support and communicate with customers and clients from different time zones. In under-occupied buildings, this can leave lone workers vulnerable.

Cobac’s security provisions can offer reassurance and support to these employees, enabling them to get on with their work whilst knowing they are being protected by highly trained, vetted security officers.

To ensure your business is protected whilst you sleep, we offer a lockdown and opening up service. When business finishes for the day, we can make sure your building is secure – using supporting technology-based patrol systems to ensure there are no vulnerabilities – before opening up the following morning and getting your property ready for the day ahead.

Why choose Cobac

We know that property management and residential security requires the right personality and high levels of discretion to ensure residents, employees and clients feel safe, comfortable and undisturbed at work or home.

At Cobac Security, we hand-pick a security team based on the specific needs of your location – ensuring the officers protecting your properties become an integral part of your team and offer the same high level of customer service you expect from all your staff.

Our business is built on extensive experience in the security industry, with our management team well-placed to offer additional value and expertise as part of our regular support.

Speak to an experienced member of our team on +44 (0)1332 948320 to discuss how we can help keep your people and properties safe – or send an enquiry through our online form. 

Sectors we work in

Experienced support and a visible deterrent to crime to protect your staff, customers, assets and premises.

Proactive, reliable security for warehouses, distribution centres and logistics companies.

Friendly and professional officers to quickly respond to incidents and keep your guests and venue safe.

Keep your event running smoothly with expert support from the Cobac Security team.

Professional concierge services and robust protection for empty properties and lone workers.

Fairly priced ad-hoc and emergency support - in less than 2 hours.


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