Keeping your empty premises safe with Cobac Security

empty business property security

Keeping your empty property safe

with Cobac Security

Criminals love an easy target - and an empty or under-staffed property is often an attractive proposition.

Without the right planning in place, any changes to usual routines and occupancy levels can leave a building at risk. Substantial disruption can follow as businesses are left with the aftermath of essential equipment being stolen, vandalised property and an expensive bill racking up.

That's why at Cobac Security we work to keep businesses like yours safe. We're here to bring you peace of mind, with flexible support to keep your staff, premises and assets safe.

empty office building with desks

Fairly priced, temporary security support

Security requirements are rarely constant. Knowing this, we built our business around an infrastructure to match the peaks and troughs of security needs throughout the year.

We adamantly believe that no business should have to pay over the odds for temporary security solutions. With this in mind, we developed our Cobac ‘fair pricing promise’, where the cost of ad-hoc services is based on the true costs of the provision – without the eyewatering premiums many other providers include.

Cobac are here to provide you with flexible support you when you need it – without the need to commit to long-term contracts when you only need a few weeks of support.

empty property guarded by security officer

Lone worker support

With lower-than-normal occupancy levels comes increased risk and worry for the workers who are left on site without the usual level of back-up.

Our officers provide a reassuring presence to your lone worker staff, allowing them to comfortably get on with their work – safe in the knowledge that an experienced officer is proactively looking out for their safety and wellbeing.

Cobac’s services are underpinned by a digital infrastructure, including a full range of lone worker support. This includes GPS features which feedback the location of all officers to our 24-7 control room. Alerts quickly show if an officer’s position doesn’t change for a set amount of time, and automated welfare checks go out regularly to ensure all officers are safe and alert.


female lone worker in office

Empty building security

Business premises left empty provide attractive easy pickings for thieves. Often filled with valuable – and business-essential – IT equipment, criminals can quickly make off with an expensive haul…and leave your business in chaos.

A temporary onsite security officer - ready to respond quickly to any potential threats - is an effective way to immediately make your business a much less attractive target.

At Cobac, we only recruit the highest calibre of officers who provide a pre-emptive and active presence in your business. With our high expectations of presentation and conduct, you can rest easy knowing that your business’s image is in safe hands too – with a smart, professional officer keeping watch.



Backed up by technology

Supporting all our personnel services at Cobac is the Continuum 247 security software, which provides live data and easy access to all the information about your business’s security.

When you book emergency or ad-hoc support from Cobac, you’ll immediately be sent all the necessary documentation and identification electronically, so you know which officers to expect and can confidently confirm their identity on arrival.

During your temporary contract, our system will provide you with instant access to live incident reports, tasking data and geo-location data to confirm when officers were on site and when patrols have taken place.

Cobac are here to give you peace of mind - knowing your staff and business will be protected. Give us a call today on +44 (0)1332 948320 to discuss how we can help you keep your business safe.


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