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How safe

is your

retail business?

The challenges of keeping your staff, customers, assets and retail premises safe are vast.


Whether it’s anti-social behaviour, assaults on staff, customer theft, stock damage or vandalism– there are many threats that can have a substantial impact on your business.

Alongside these direct threats, the indirect financial implications of violence and crime on your premises can quickly add up. Rates of staff sickness, stress and the challenges of staff retention increase when employees are faced with threats and abuse at work. This can not only lead to a drop in staff morale and job satisfaction, but also increases the eventual financial impact of crime on your store.


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At Cobac Security, we’re greatly experienced in working with retailers on loss prevention and security measures. With UK-wide coverage and a highly trained, SIA-approved team of security officers – backed up with our advanced use of technology – we can work with you to keep your people and your business safe.

Our security teams are supported by experienced Regional Managers who not only enhance the officers’ work but also add additional benefit on every store visit. We aim for our retail officers to become your ‘local expert’ – liasing with local Business Improvement Districts, Business Crime Partnerships and centre teams to build a proactive presence. We also work alongside NBCS. These relationships help us to continually understand the bigger picture of the area in which your business is located and adapt our security services to fit.

Get in touch to discuss a bespoke security solution with an experienced member of our team.


> Why choose Cobac Security?

Here's how Cobac Security can help protect your business:


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Visible deterrents to retail crime

The presence of a uniformed officer on your premises provides an instantly recognisable deterrent against would-be thieves. But effective guarding goes well beyond this. Our security officers are highly trained to observe and spot unusual patterns of behaviour which could indicate a crime may be about to take place.

Becoming the eyes and ears of your shop floor, shopping centre or retail park - our security teams will be an active and observant presence in your business.

Uniformed security officers can be used to provide site-wide security coverage for any size of retail businesses, from small boutiques to supermarkets and retail parks. Security personnel coverage can include providing an immediate presence at the front of the shop, patrolling the shop floor, outdoor security, and mobile foot patrols throughout larger settings such as retail parks and shopping centres.

Discrete security for retail

An immediately recognisable presence isn’t always desired in certain retail settings. For premises where a uniformed officer would feel obtrusive, Cobac Security also provide retail store detectives. These plain-clothed detectives are trained to seamlessly blend in on your shop floor, whilst discretely monitoring customer behaviour and watching for signs of any potential threats against the business, staff or customers.

If an incident does occur, our security detectives will aim to deal with the situation quickly whilst keeping unwanted attention and disruption to a minimum – so that you can quickly return to ‘business as usual’.


shopping centre retail security services

Quick response to incidents and emergencies

Our security teams are trained to keep a cool head under pressure and calmly and effectively deal with any incidents or emergencies that may happen on your premises.

Whether it's an aggressive customer threatening staff or the premises needing to be evacuated - a team of highly trained security personnel on-site allows for an immediate response to keep your staff and customers safe.

Technology-based escalation and insight

Cobac combines the diverse experience of our management team with a digitally focussed, fresh approach in order to deliver the best possible results to our clients.

We spend time at the beginning of each project getting to know your business location and analysing the potential risks. From there, we’ll develop an effective security solution to fit your needs and requirements.

Our digitally focussed approach, alongside our robust management systems, allows us to continually monitor and adjust our security provisions to adapt to what’s going on with your business. This includes features such as electronic incident reporting; geo-location of staff (including clocking on location); automatic welfare checks and lone worker support. The technology supports us with monitoring permanent high-risk locations; balancing cluster support across several locations and swiftly highlighting any emergency cover needs.

In a climate where every penny counts, our systems help us deliver real value to your business whilst keeping costs down. Cobac’s systems can be used to cover staff management, alongside the automation of tasks and reports – giving you an in-depth insight into the work we’re doing and clearly demonstrating the value delivered to your business. We have a range of apps, electronic forms, workforce management systems, reporting options and the ability to merge with external data. At the commencement of your contract, we’ll put in place the specific digital infrastructure and reporting you require – giving you access to the data you need, when you need it.


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Keeping your business safe

It's important to us that your staff, customers, premises and assets are kept safe. The presence of our uniformed security officers provides essential support to staff in high-risk situations – working to diffuse any unwanted situations and protect your business and assets from crime.

Why choose Cobac Security?

Here at Cobac, we have the expertise to create a security solution that's right for your business.

We have a diverse Senior Leadership team able to advise on all aspects of your retail security requirement – whether that’s understanding physical risk or creating a financial analysis of your service.

We are an SIA-approved contractor providing experienced security teams to businesses all across the UK.

For a bespoke security solution to fit your business, get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

Sectors we work in

Experienced support and a visible deterrent to crime to protect your staff, customers, assets and premises.

Proactive, reliable security for warehouses, distribution centres and logistics companies.

Friendly and professional officers to quickly respond to incidents and keep your guests and venue safe.

Keep your event running smoothly with expert support from the Cobac Security team.

Professional concierge services and robust protection for empty properties and lone workers.

Fairly priced ad-hoc and emergency support - in less than 2 hours.


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